What is Singing Ring®?

The perfect natural resonance and beautiful harmonic overtones induce deep relaxation and inner peace. Experience Harmonic Sound Meditation and Vibrational Sound Therapy, and you will feel the difference immediately. Singing Ring bowls are hand-made one by one in Japan by skilled craftsmen, with crystal-infused metal which absorbs and cleanses negative energy and recharges clean, pure and rejuvenating energy. Resonance lasts for around 135 seconds with very long and rich frequencies.

Experience Singing Ring through Events​​​​

Our therapists and practitioners hold numerous events through out the year. Check Events page for updates!



Sion Kazu's Special 2-Day Basic Seminar.

Learn Basic Seminar directly from the creator of Singing Ring!! Don't miss this rare opportunity!!


Updated Therapists page.

In addition to Toshiko, we now have two more new Certified Therapist in Brisbane and Gold Coast!! Enjoy receiving personal sessions from them.


Updated About page.

You now learn a little bit more about how Singing Ring is made.

2018. 11

New video added to the Gallery.
"1 Hour Bushwalking & Healing Sound Meditation"

The sound of Singing RingⓇ beautifully collaborating with nature.


2018. 09

New video added to the Gallery.
"Have you heard the sound of 20 Singing RingⓇ Bowls? "

Enjoy the mesmerising healing sound experience.


2018. 09

New page added Seminars.
"2 Day Basic Seminar - Booking accepting with Early Bird Discount"

Learn, try and make the most out of this healing sound modality!! This seminar would be the first step for those who want to aim to become Singing RingⓇ Therapist.


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What does it sound like?

Hearing Singing Ring® directly from your ears and feeling with your whole body is far beyond what we can hear from recordings. Please understand that this video is able to introduce only limited amount of sound capacity compare to the real physical sound of Singing Ring®.