What's Singing Ring®?

Singing Ring®, a new instrument invented in Japan is made with crystal-infused metal which absorbs and cleanses unnecessary energy and lets you recharge pure and clean energy. The beautiful harmonic overtones induce deep relaxation and inner peace and the scientific research observing brainwaves back this up.
Experience healing sound meditation using Singing Ring®, and you will feel the difference to any other meditation method you have experienced. The resonance of the beautiful harmonic overtones lasts for about 135 seconds, and there are no instruments like this in the world.

The top Japanese craftsmen hand carves one by one using the latest tuning meter and their well-trained ears so that it always creates the same sound no matter where you strike. Also by using skills of other craftsmen, the instrument completes after a few months. Therefore Singing Ring® is a precious instrument that can only be created by Japanese craftsmen.

Also because all the Singing Ring® bowls are tuned exactly the same, when you play one Singing Ring®, the other Singing Ring® will start resonating and start creating harmonic overtones. We call this “Sound Resonance Phenomena”. This creates a mystic atmosphere.

We wish for you to play Singing Ring imagining that by playing one Singing Ring, the other Singing Rings around the world will resonate with one another and the world to be filled with the sound of love and harmony.

Symptoms that Singing Ring® can help with

Singing Ring® is not a medical device and it cannot heal the symptoms, but by continuing receiving the sessions, it can help with the following physical and mental conditions/symptoms. 

  • Stress, anger, loss, and grief

  • Difficulty relaxing

  • Insomnia or low-quality sleep

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Strong anxiety and depression

  • Mental imbalance

  • Cannot concentrate

  • Joint and nerve pain

Effects of Singing Ring®

Effects may differ depending on the individuals. Please note that we do not guarantee these effects for everyone.

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Ultimate happiness

  • Peace of your mind

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Balances mental state

  • Chakra empowerment

  • Improves your listening

  • Improves human relationships

  • Connects with your deep subconscious and brings inspirations and creativity

  • Instantly creates theta wave in your brain which is equivalent to a deep meditative state

The sound can support healing by bringing harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

"According to the physicists, our universe is energy, which prefers harmony.  Our cells are vibrations and react to vibrations. Thus sound, whether white noise or a Mozart symphony, is constantly imparting a vibration on your state of being and therefore affecting your level of health and well-being. Vibration healing methods using music may well be the most direct and effective way to help the body to heal and come back into harmony and health. "
- Australian Naturopath, Sally Mathrick

Please check more information of Singing Ring at Sion Inc. website

Study: Effect on your brain

Color red indicates the α(alpha) waves of the brain, and α waves are shown in the occipital lobe before the session. After listening to Singing Ring®, while the α waves are strongly seen in the occipital lobe, they are also seen in the frontal lobe. This represents how the sound of Singing Ring® effects on the higher brain function area, the prefrontal area.

“Listening to Singing Ring® while lying on the stomach seems to relax the person the most and it shows how alpha waves are gradually growing larger. It is significantly shown that alpha waves moves from the vertex towards the front of the brain when listening to Singing Ring®. This occurrence is similar to what happens in meditation. Being in the resonating sound space, the cerebral neocortex, which is normally active, is restrained; therefore, state of mind similar to meditation is created.”
- Former Nippon Medical School, Kimiko Kawano

Please check more scientific research at Sion Inc. website