We have various types of seminars throughout the year for people to use Singing RingⓇ either personally at home or professionally as a sound therapist. Please visit the website Singing Ring Academy to learn more!

Following is the seminars in Gold Coast from the past. The detail has changed.

The first step for everyone to utilize Singing RingⓇ to its full potential.
Singing RingⓇ 2-Day Basic Seminar
(1 day online + 1 day schooling)

Due to the high demand from people living in different countries, we provide Basic Seminar which you can watch the video 24/7 for one year after the purchase, so it would suit your lifestyle and re-learn over and over anytime you like.


The video comes with English subtitle and is made very easy to understand so that the beginner user of Singing RingⓇ can learn what sounds can do, how people have utilise them through history and how to use Singing RingⓇ effectively.

It's one day online + one day schooling seminar.

For those who want to utilize Singing RingⓇ to heal others around you.
Singing RingⓇ 4-Day Intermediate Seminar

Intermediate Seminar is for the people who have completed the Basic Seminar.


We recommend you to move on to the Intermediate Seminar to expand your knowledge and brush up your skills. After this seminar, you will be able to start performing sound vibrational therapies to your friends and family to practice your skills!!

The seminar is organized by Singing Ring Academy and you learn directly from the Certified Instructor. Please come and join us to learn the intermediate performing skills and updated healing methods. You may book Day 1&2 and Day 3&4 separately. (Day 1&2 must be completed first.)