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We have various types of seminars throughout the year for people to use Singing RingⓇ either personally at home or professionally as a sound therapist.

The first step for everyone to utilize Singing RingⓇ to its full potential.
Singing RingⓇ 2-Day Basic Seminar
Learn the power of sound and Singing RingⓇ from anywhere in the world, anytime!!
Singing RingⓇ Online Basic Seminar

Due to the high demand from people living in different countries, we provide Online Basic Seminar which you can watch the video 24/7 for one year after the purchase, so it would suit your lifestyle and re-learn over and over anytime you like.


The video comes with English subtitle and is made very easy to understand so that the beginner user of Singing RingⓇ can learn what sounds can do, how people have utilise them through history and how to use Singing RingⓇ effectively.


If you are unable to attend the 2-Day Basic Seminar (The only country we provide English training is Australia), and thinking of learning the basics of the Singing RingⓇ sound healing please take Online Basic Course which comes in 5 separate videos, the total of 2-hour step-by-step training for you to start healing yourself and people around you.

*Note; Please note that English subtitles are on first two videos (One Hour), and subtitles for the other three are coming soon. Although, last three video is instructions on how to play, so you may still watch and copy the movements of the model in the video.

42,120 Japanese Yen (tax incl.) [Currency Converter]

Payment Method:


How to access:

We will email you the link and password to the video once we confirm the payment.

For those who want to utilize Singing RingⓇ to heal others around you.
Singing RingⓇ 4-Day Intermediate Seminar

Intermediate Seminar is for the people who have completed the Basic Seminar.


We recommend you to move on to the Intermediate Seminar to expand your knowledge and brush up your skills. After this seminar, you will be able to start performing sound vibrational therapies to your friends and family to practice your skills!!

The seminar is organized by Singing Ring Association and you learn directly from Sion Kazu from Japan who is the creator of Singing RingⓇ.

Please come and join us to learn the advanced performing skills and updated healing methods.

Check PDF for the detailed information!!

<February 2019>

Part 1: February 19th&20th (Tue & Wed), 2019

Part 2: February  23rd&24th (Sat & Sun), 2019

Learn advanced technique directly from the creator of Singing RingⓇ! You may book Day 1&2 and Day 3&4 separately. (Day 1&2 must be completed first.)