Sion Kazu Special Seminars

We have various types of seminars throughout the year for people to use Singing RingⓇ either personally at home or professionally as a sound therapist.

Sion Kazu, no longer teaches Singing Ring Seminars in Japan, so please don't miss extremely rare opportunity!!

The first step for everyone to utilize Singing RingⓇ to its full potential.
A rare opportunity to learn directly from the creator of Singing RingⓇ!!

Singing RingⓇ Special 2-Day Basic Seminar by Sion Kazu

It's always fun and motivating to learn with other people! You may rental the bowls if you don't have one!
Accepting bookings. Early Bird Discount till 25th of May 2019. Book Now!!


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Sion Kazu

Creator of Singing Ring®, Executive Director, Singing Ring Association, Founder, Sion Inc., Psychological Counselor, Counseling Institute of Sophia University
Sion was in New York at the time of the 911 attacks. Her health suffered as a result and in the process of treating herself, she started to investigate onto the profound healing properties of sound. In 2004, she completed development of the Singing Ring®, opening up a new world of sound therapy. Since then she has been guiding and educating people in her methods throughout Japan and overseas.