Certified Therapists & Performers

In order to become a Certified Therapist and Performers, you must complete Basic Seminar, Intermediate Seminar, Advanced Seminar, and also pass the final certification exam.

Certified Instructor & Therapist

Toshiko Matsumoto

I have been a massage and beauty therapist on the Gold Coast for over 20 years and has been playing Singing Ring® since 2011. I love this amazing instrument. I introduced it to Australia for the first time and became the first Certified Instructor and Therapist here to spread this therapy.

Since early 2018, I have been traveling many places in Australia to introduce this harmonic sound therapy. Please feel free to contact me and I will come to your town :-).

Suburb: Mudgeeraba, QLD
Website: meditativesoundtherapy.com

Phone: +61 (0)401 052 320

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Certified Therapists

Ayako Iwasaki

I have been in the education field for over 19 years, working with children sharing my love of Japanese culture and art. Since my first encounter with Singing Ring®︎, I was so drawn to the beautiful sound and vibration. I also believe its potential to complement other fields to assist wellness is immense. Singing Ring®︎ will enhance your self-healing ability and creativity connecting with your soul deeply. I offer unique healing experience including Singing Ring®︎ Sound Therapy, Pastel Art & Sound lesson, Sound Meditation, and Yoga with Singing Ring®︎ Sound class.

Suburb: Gold Coast, QLD
Facebook: facebook.com/CocoloColour


Phone: +61(0)409 590 330

Yoshie Dixon

I've been working as a Life Coach, Art Therapist and played crystal bowls and healing lyer. I've found Singing Ring®︎ is the most effective and powerful tool for myself and clients to heal emotions and live authentically. I facilitate sound meditation groups and give private sessions in Brisbane.

Suburb: Brisbane Northside, QLD

Website: https://www.balancingsoundtherapy.com/

Facebook: facebook.com/yoshied

Phone: +61 (0)406 500 335

Harumi Macphail

Founder of Natural Therapy Salon HEALING TREE. I've been practicing alternative therapies since 2008. My passion is helping others to uncover their own power of self-healing. I've been using Singing Ring®︎ since 2015. Our most popular therapy is Facial Reflexology + Sound Healing. Please come to experience the Singing Ring®︎ therapy with its divine sound : )



Suburb: Manly & Curl Curl ( Northan Beaches), Sydney, NSW 

Website: healingtree.jimdo.com

Facebook: facebook.com/healingtree63

Phone: +61 (0)478 153 878

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Seminar Graduates

The following list is the people who are currently studying and polishing up their skills to become Certified Therapists in the future. They are accepting clients who would like to try our Singing Ring® personal or group sound healing sessions. Please visit their websites and social media account to find out more info. There are students in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne area. If you are interested in learning, please check our Seminars page.

Advanced Seminar Graduates

Emi Yoshida

I am a certified remedial massage therapist and aromatherapist. I am a ANTA member, and health fund provider. I provide the unique therapy for you. 2 hours full body therapy with Singing Ring®︎ sound vibration therapy and remedial therapy using blended essential oil selected only for you. You can be healed physically and mentally till your body cell. Please try my special treatment.


Suburb: Reedy Creek, QLD
Website: soundhealingspa.com

Phone: +61 (0)410 330 772

Fujiko Nagashima

This unique sound therapy Singing Ring®︎ makes you relax and happy. I've started with Singing Ring Therapist Basic Seminar in 2012 and I completed Advanced Course in 2016. I want to get some case study before I start my therapy business. If you are interested in Singing Ring®︎, please contact me by email.

Suburb: Molendinar, QLD

Yukiyo Copley

I completed Singing Ring Therapist Course in October 2016. It was a long journey since the first time I experienced Singing Ring®︎ therapy in 2010. I felt warmth and felt connected to the mother Earth and as well as the father sky. I have been wanting to become a therapist after I got my first therapy. I am not yet offering therapy but in near future. 

Suburb: Burleigh Waters, QLD

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Intermediate Seminar Graduates

Kayoko Minglis

I have been a registered music therapist with AMTA since 2005. I am always looking for high quality of vibrations=musical instruments. In 2017 I have found it, which is "Singing Ring®︎". I have been using Singing Ring for dementia clients and getting excellent results. I am planning to extend using Singing Ring®︎ for people with various other conditions (autism, ADHD).

Suburb: Gosford, NSW

Website: mth.ho-zuki.com

Phone: +61 (0)407 990 315

Kayoko Yoshida

I am a Yoga Teacher and I found Singing Ring ® works very well with yoga as both help you to still your mind and lead to a relaxed state. I simply love this beautiful harmonic overtone sounds. I incorporate Singing Ring® into my restorative yoga class and also offer individual session (Balancing Sound Healing) at my home studio in Brisbane North.

Suburb: Bray Park (Brisbane North), QLD 

Website: yogazoh.com

Michael Deanshaw

I am a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and sound enthusiast with a spiritual upbringing. Since feeling Singing Ring® I choose a sound life path to propagate life regenerating harmonics through everyone who happens to near. Currently running weekly sound healing meditations, playing monthly concerts and practicing body lymphatic drainage and relaxation sessions.

Suburb: Burleigh Heads, QLD 

Website: supersonicharmonics.com.au

Noriko Conte

I am also a Reiki and Theta Healing®︎ practitioner and an emotion therapist. I have a monthly workshop to help find the happiness within you. I am also planning to have Singing Ring®︎ meditation classes and sessions to spread this wonderful benefit of Singing Ring®︎ to help people relieve their stress, recharge energy and fulfill joy of their lives.

Suburb: Underwood, QLD

Website: https://thelovegardensh.wixsite.com/mysite

Facebook: facebook.com/thelovegardensh/

Takayo Someda

I am an early childhood educator and I plan mindfulness sessions for the children. Hearing the sound of harmonic overtones and feeling vibration helps them to relax their bodies and calm their mind. It affects on improvement of their concentration. I offer meditation and individual sessions as well as workshops to spread wonderful benefit of Singing Ring®︎.

Suburb: Windsor, VIC 

Facebook: 想 Sou Harmony

Phone: +61 (0)418 398 590

Yoko Hayashi

My background training is psychotherapist/counsellor. Currently I work as Early Childhood educator to support physical and emotional well-being for both children and staff using Singing Ring®. I also offer individual & group session. The best thing about Singing Ring ® for me is that it helps heal both client & myself. Brings joy in our body・mind・soul!

Suburb: Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, QLD 

Facebook: Hibiki-Resonance

Phone: +61 (0)402 597 888

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Basic Seminar Graduates​

Carla Marshall

Creating a Ripple Effect of Peace. When you realise how much peace is available for all to hold and all you want to do is share the love. I realised Singing Ring®︎ sound bowls were of such a pure vibration and this is what I wanted to share. Deep grounding earthly peace from Daichi and the abundant flow of universal peace from Uchu. I now incorporate this at all of my Yoga classes. I also support weekly Group Sound Sessions as well as 1 on 1 sessions.

Suburb: Banora Point, NSW
Website: kalianahata.com
Facebook: facebook.com/kalianahata


Phone: +61 (0)447 420 777

Melanie Hunter

As a massage therapist, I love helping people relax and restore their inner harmony and balance. So when I was introduced to the healing, harmonic sounds of the Singing Ring, I knew I needed to work with them. I'm now very happy to be able to share this unique sound and vibrational therapy for your relaxation and wellbeing, at Complete Harmony Massage.

Suburb: Mudgeeraba, QLD
Facebook: facebook.com/melanie.hunter.5815

Phone: +61 (0)405 697 388

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 Here is the list (in Japanese) of Certified Therapist and Performers in Japan.